We help our clients create brand experiences that connect with people, influence decisions and drive business. We’ve worked with consumer and business based companies throughout the United States. All of our clients have helped us to expand our own understanding and appreciation of communication. On that basis, our brand and design capabilities are broad, and continue to grow as markets and technologies evolve. Below are examples of work for four areas of business.



Lark Fine Foods, established in 2008, is 100% female owned with its operation located just north of Boston in the historical town of Essex, Massachusetts. They make Cookies for Grown-ups"; highly flavorful cookies with adventurous flavor profiles. They engaged Leland Creative to increase there brand presence and have more shelf appeal.

Larks packaging, best described as a box with open sides, which is tastefully colorful and sports their unique logo. The vivid color combinations easily differentiate between the various flavors.


“Leland Creative took us from simple labeled bags to fantastic three sided packages... We love the design! Every cookie has its own color combination. All flavors are bold and jump off the shelves. This is important in food packaging as we’re competing with every other cookie product in the aisle. Food packaging is not easy and they nailed it!”



Bixby International Corporation, a respected custom plastic sheet extrusion and lamination company, offers one of the broadest polymer and substrate selections in the industry.  Leland Creative was brought in to rebrand and refresh the 100 year old company to help Bixby compete in today's business environment.