Communication does not just “happen”. An effective communication plan first requires an effective marketing strategy - a well-thought-out plan of action. A strategic plan is the planning that involves marketing research, and then, developing a marketing mix to captivate prospects and customers. At Leland Creative, we believe every company needs to have clear marketing objectives and we work closely with our clients to develop the best plan to meet their needs. Achieving maximum ROI and meeting the goals your organization has set for itself depend on the carefully developed and well-executed strategy that we can work with you to create.

Developing the strategies that generate sales growth and brand awareness
for our clients is where the process becomes challenging, rewarding… and fun!

Marketing strategy: program development and implementation

Research: competitive/market, internal and external audiences

Company/product launch strategy and execution

Print and digital advertising campaigns

Tradeshow promotion

Sales support and lead generation strategies

Media research and plan development

Media contract negotiation/coordination/placement

Mail list broker contact/coordination/purchase