JANUARY 24, 2018 

Five Reasons Why Professional Copywriting is Crucial to Your Marketing Strategy

Many companies have copywriters on their staff, while some organizations use freelancers to produce content for their website, email promotions, marketing collateral, and all other promotional and informational content. Because written content is an integral part of a company's band and marketing strategy, it needs to be created by a professional writer. 

Here are five reasons why a company needs professional copywriting.



Because of time and/or manpower constraints, many businesses rely on employees with minimal writing experience or - in some cases - the business owner, to create the content that appears on websites, emails, and marketing collateral. But if the person producing content is not an experienced writer, the result can be subpar content that makes a company appear unprofessional. Having an experienced copywriter eliminates these pitfalls and will, ultimately, save the organization time and money.


Good copywriting will keep written content aligned with all the characteristics that make up your company's brand, its identity, and its values. In order to maintain and strengthen your company's brand over time, a good copywriter will ensure that your messaging is consistently aligned with your branding.


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a good copywriter knows how to use specific, targeted keywords and keyword phrases that will drive prospects to your website. Leland Creative can help your company meet the challenge of producing content that's not only engaging to readers, but is also optimized for search engines.


Your company will appear to be disorganized or irresponsible if your messaging contains errors such as misspellings, bad grammar, missing words, and incorrect punctuation. Whatever the purpose of a written message is, prospective clients will have a greater feeling of trust and are more likely to want to do business with a company that has concise and accurate messaging on its website, its email promotions, and all of its written communications.


A good copywriter understands what each assignment's objective is, and will produce a message that's well-crafted, concise, and on target. The writer does this by evoking a reaction from the reader or the prospect being targeted by the message. As a result, good copywriting can produce sales leads by making a prospect take action by contacting your company.

At Leland Creative, we believe that every company needs to have clear marketing objectives, and the best way to achieve ROI and company goals will depend on the strategy that we can work with you to develop. One of the primary marketing tools that we can provide is copywriting that will help your company achieve its goals. 

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