June 14, 2018


Building a Relationship with Iron Mountain One Project at a Time

When data storage giant Iron Mountain Inc. decided to work with a firm that could provide a more personalized level of service at a lower cost than that of a large Boston-based agency, they turned to Leland Creative. And what began as a one-project undertaking, grew into a longterm collaboration that has yielded an abundance of effective marketing collateral pieces from Leland Creative that Iron Mountain has added to its portfolio over the past two-plus years.

"Our relationship with Iron Mountain has been a lesson in trust."
Brent Leland
- Founder/Creative & Art Director

 One key factor that led to the successful relationship we currently enjoy with this client is that the Iron Mountain team was very pleased with the banner ads and infographics that were among Leland Creative's first deliverables. As a result of these initial successes, Iron Mountain began tasking us with increasingly substantial projects that included new data sheets for its Sales and Marketing division, promotional videos, as well as updating and revitalizing a series of PowerPoint decks that are used for both internal and external presentations.

Animated short video produced by Leland Creative for Iron Mountain

"Essentially, our relationship with Iron Mountain has been a lesson in trust," said Founder/Creative & Art Director Brent Leland. "We started out working for one group at Iron Mountain and, over the years, we've expanded to the point where we are doing projects for multiple departments throughout the company. At this point, they trust us to follow their instructions and then run with a project with minimal direction and to produce great results."

Leland Creative Plays a Key Role in Iron Mountain's Rebranding Initiative

As our projects for this client continued to increase, Leland Creative also played a key role in rebranding selected pieces of Iron Mountain's marketing assets, both online and in print. To achieve this, the Leland Creative team utilized one of its core strengths - the ability to work within a brand standard while also pushing it to its boundaries while still maintaining the brand's essence.

"We helped them execute their rebranding initiative by developing assets such as sales collateral and data sheets that didn't fall cleanly into their previous brand," Mr. Leland said. "And as time moved on, we then carried this new brand standard into other projects for them that included PowerPoint presentations and other resources."


About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated is a global business dedicated to storing, protecting and managing information and assets. Organizations across the globe trust Iron Mountain to store and protect information and assets. From critical business information to geological samples, and from works of fine art to original recordings of treasured artists, customers rely on Iron Mountain to protect what they value and help unlock its potential.


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