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At Leland Creative, we believe in a comprehensive mix of Search Engine Marketing while encompassing strong Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) campaigns. Our paid search department is Google Ads Certified making us a Google Partner. This partnership is an assurance that our PPC skills are uppermost in the industry.


Our crowning satisfaction comes from proof that our clients’ business increases in quality leads and sales. Your success is our success. Interested in increasing your website’s overall traffic and customer interaction?  Pay per click marketing takes your business where the action is. Leland Creative’s Google Partnership in both Search Advertising and Mobile Advertising is assurance that we are a capable Massachusetts PPC Agency.


We are certified by Google to optimize ads that show up on Google Search, and advise on budget planning and keyword strategies. Our Mobile Advertising Certification helps our customers connect on mobile devices through text, video, image and HTML5 ads.


We create Google Ads campaigns based on marketing goals with relevant keywords and ad messaging. Topped by a positive site experience and optimized to achieve the highest qualtity conversions, we piggyback your highest expectations with realistic return on investment.


Combining our passion of Google Certified Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) with consistent organic optimization and connected Google Analytics, allows Leland Creative to rapidly become a top Pay Per Click Digital Marketing Agency in New England.


There is no greater time to advertise then when users decide when  they have an interest in what you are selling. Bid on keyword terms associated with your business. Your ad appears in the limelight  of potential customers seeking your service in real time.


Much like organic search engine optimization, proper campaign assemblage and upkeep  is essential to succeeding. A poorly designed paid search campaign not only limits your business from succeeding, it wastes a lot of your valuable advertising dollars.


Each of our clients campaigns begins with a marketing strategy. This strategy is continued throughout monthly cycle, increasing sales, then evolving with every detailed monthly report Leland Creative delivers. Every week we test and engage deep analysis, ensuring optimal performance.


Optimizing your website to coincide with profitable paid search efforts is referred to as “Conversion Optimization.”  This controlled skill is often imitated by others, but perfected by Leland Creative. Turning PPC traffic into conversions increases Return on Investment (ROI). This is a crucial element in business growth.Leland uses its years of experience in the industry to optimize websites and landing pages.


At Leland we are not limited to Search and Mobile Advertising. We excel in optimizing and maintaining Remarketing, Display and Facebook Advertising. Google Ads Remarketing is profitable for driving visitors back to your website to convert. It is also proven successful for improving branding which increases customer retention.

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